Pan Pacific Technologies is an international company with more than 35 years’ experience in algae and biochemical engineering on an industrial scale. We specialise in Techno-Economic models and advanced simulations to test the economic viability and optimization of innovative technologies in biofuels and bioproducts. We have developed proprietary processes for modeling the commercialization of capturing and converting carbon to biofuels and other products using algae.

We pride ourselves on finding dynamic, innovative solutions to bioprocess design. We deliver this by adopting an integrated approach to conceptual process design that is based on rigorous scientific research and meticulously-designed simulations based on Aspen Plus and Aspen Process Economic Analyzer. In a case study about our work, AspenTech itself calls our simulations "innovative".

Pan Pacific has worked across a wide variety of sectors including renewable energy, biotechnology and academia. We take pride in assisting clients achieve their goals for developing solutions to sustainable energy and carbon emissions mitigation, capture and sequestration.